FHB Commercial Bank

Project details

One of the largest banks in Hungary with internet, intranet and several extranet sites


Building an informative site for customers and an easy-to-use intranet for employees of the bank handling an impressive amount of documents

Project data

Site url: www.fhb.hu
Powered by: Sense/Net ECM
Design by: The Cook
Intervall: 4 months
Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, XSLT, C#, SEO
Devices: PC, tablet
Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE 7+, Opera, Safari, Maxthon
A coder with a great deal of sensibility for aesthetics? There's a serious need for more people like Levente. He's also very neat on details, you literally have to look for the Easter Eggs he's surprising you with his code. Because he can. Balazs Krich
Head of online operations